Temora Council Certificate Shop



Online Applications

Temora Shire Council now has an online service in which customers can order and pay for Certificates and other property information requests using a credit card via our website.

The online certificate service is linked to our property database and allows users to verify property details such as Lot and DP with Councils own property information system.

Types of Information issued

The request for the information available through this facility usually arises when a property is being purchased or sold. The information issued by this Council is:

  • Section 149 Planning Certificates (both 149 (2) &/or (5)) - specifying planning requirements and restrictions that apply to a parcel of land.
  • Section 603 Rating Certificates specifying any outstanding rates, charges and debts payable to Council in respect of a parcel of land.
  • Section 121ZP and 735A Certificates specifying outstanding health and building notices in respect of the land as at the date of the certificate.
  • Building Certificate issued under Sections 149B-F of the EP&A Act stating whether there is any cause for Council to take proceedings for a building to be demolished, altered, added to or rebuilt.
  • Noxious Plant Enquiry specifying outstanding notices pertaining to Noxious Plants in accordance with Section 64 of the Noxious Weeds Act, 1993.
  • Property Sewer Diagram requests a copy of the Sewer Drainage Diagram on the property file.
  • Sewer Reference Sheet requests a photocopy of the sewer drainage diagram in relation to surrounding properties.
  • Sewerage Compliance Certificate, requests Council officers to carry out an inspection of the property to ensure that a boundary shaft is present and that stormwater is not discharging into Councils sewer system. Note: This certificate is compulsory for all sewered properties in Temora Township, that ownership is being transferred.

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